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a clearance sale    清仓大贱卖

a few            一些,少数几个

a little           少许,一点点

a great/good      deal of    许多,大量

a good many     多,相当多的

a great many     许多

a lot            许多,大量

a lot of          许多,大量

a matter of course  理所当然的事

a number of       许多,若干

a series of        一系列的

a case in point     例证,有关的例子

a great deal       许多

a great /good many   很多的

a pair of         一副,一双,一条,一把

a set of          一套,一组

a type of         一种

a wealth of       大量的

according to       根据,按照;符合

above all          首先  最重要的是

above board       在桌面上,公开的,诚实的

absent from        缺席

above sbs head     超出某人的理解

above ones breath   高声地

abandon oneself to   沉溺于

according to        根据,按照;据所说

accuse sb of        指责某人干某事

acquire a habit      养成一种习惯

across the country   遍布全国

act on             奉行,作用于,影响

account for         解释,说明(原因)

accuse sb of sth     指控某人做某事

a couple of         两个,几个

act as             充当

a day off           不工作的一天

add to             增加

add up to          总计为

adhere to          坚持

admit of         容纳得下,  的余地

a dogs life        群困潦倒

after all           毕竟

again and again     反复地,一再地

a good/great deal    大量,非常,极其

agree on           同意,赞同

agree with/about/on  同意,赞成,一致

ahead of           的前面,事先

ahead of time       提早

all along           一直地,一向

all around          全面的

all at once         突然

all but             差不多,几乎

all day             整天

all ears            全神贯注地听

all for            完全赞成

all in all           归根到底

all of a sudden       突然

all right           行,好的,(健康)良好的

all sorts of         各种各样的

all the more       更加

all the time        一直

all the year round    一年到头

all things considered  通盘来看

all through         始终,一直

all in all           总的来说

all over            到处,遍及

allow for          考虑到,顾及

allow of           容许,容许有可能

along with         一起,陪伴

an entry visa       入境签证

an exit visa        出境签证

among other things  此外(还)

amount to        (数量上)答到,(意义上)等于

and so            所以

and so on          等等

answer for         负责

answer to          回答

an appetite for       的爱好

anything but         以外任何事(物)

angry with/at/for     生气

answer back        回嘴,顶嘴

anxious for/about     焦虑

apart from         且莫说

apply for           申请

apply...to           应用于

approve of          赞成

arm in arm          手挽手

arise from           引起

argue against/for      赞成/反对

around the clock      昼夜不停地

around the corner     在拐角处;即将到来

arrive at             到达(某地)

as regards            关于、至于

as a matter of  fact      事实上

as a consequence    因而,结果

at a disadvantage    处于不利地位

as a result of       作为的结果

as a rule           通常、惯例

as a result of       作为……的结果

as bold as brass     极其胆大妄为

(as) cheap as dirt    偏宜透顶的

as dry as dust      枯燥无味的,另人厌烦的

as far asbe concerned       关于在,至于,就而言

as good as         一样好

as soon as        

as / so long as     只要,如果,既然

as such           根据某词严格的意义

as sure as death     千真万确

as to             关于,至于

as for            至于,就方面说

as/ so far as        而言,到程度,至于

as if /though           好像,仿佛

as it happens       碰巧,偶然

as good as           几乎已经;实际已经

as long as         只要,长达之久

as soon as         

as usual          照例,像往常一样

as well           同样,也

as well as         ……之外,既……

ashamed of        感到羞耻

ask after          询问,问候

ask about sb       问候某人

ask for            请求,要求

assuming that      假定

at a discount      打折

at a crisis          在紧急关头

at a distance        有相当距离

at a glance           看一眼,马上

at a loss             不知所措地

at a price            以极高的代价

at a time/at one time    一次/曾经

at all                完全,根本

at all costs          不惜一切代价

at all events /in any event   无论如何

at any rate            无论如何,至少

at any/all cost          论如何

at best / at the best      其量,最好充其量不过……

at breakfast          (正在)进早餐

at church             做礼拜

at close range         在近距离

at (ones) ease         舒适,无拘无束

at discretion          随意,任意

at first               首先

at first sight          乍一看

at hand              在手边,在附近,即将到来

at heart              内心里

at home             在家;随便,无拘束

at intervals           间歇性地

at large            由于的,未受控制的;整个的,一般的

at last              最后,终于

at (the) least        至少,起码

at leisure           当某人有空时

at ones leisure      当某人有空时

at length             详细地

at least              至少

at length           最后,终于;详尽地

at last               最后,终于

at liberty          可随意的;有空闲的

at long intervals    间或

at short intervals    常常

at intervals          不时,相隔一定的距离(或时间)

at no time            决不

at (the) most          最多,不超过

at once              立刻

at one blow         一举,一下子

at ones back        支持某人

at ones best        处在最佳状态

at ones wits end    智穷计尽

at present          目前,现在

at random         随意地,任意地

at rest            宁静的,安静的,过世了的

at sb.s disposal;  in sbs disposal    任某人处理

at sbs service      听某人吩咐

at sea             茫然

at school          在学校

at the discretion of   听凭处理

at the age of           岁时

at the cost of        ……为代价

at the end          结束,完结

at the expense of   为代价.付费

at the latest         最迟,至迟

at the rate of        的速度

at the same time      与此同时

at the sight of      看见

at the mercy of     支配

at the moment       此刻

at times            有时;间或

attend to           专注与……;照顾

at war             处于战争中

at work             在工作,活动着

avenge oneself on      ……进行报复

awaken to           使认识到

aware of            意识到

at will               任意地,随意地

to the best of ones ability     尽力地

leaveabout       到处乱放

go about  (着手)做

see about    开始做

go abroad    去国外

without accident       平安无事的

of ones own accord      自愿的,自动的

in accordance with      根椐

on account of   因为

get sth. across        使人领会

in addition (to)        另外,之外

in advance    预先,提前

to ones advantage  对某人有利

one after another   一个接一个

now and again      不时地,间或

over and over again   一再地

time and (time) again      多次,一再地

get ahead of        超过

on the air        广播着,播放着

put on airs       摆架子

on (the) alert (for/against)        警戒着,保持戒备。

go all out         全力以赴

in all         总共,合计

make allowance(s) for    考虑到

leave sb. alone     别打扰

let alone         更不用说

get along        进展,相处

in the last (final )analysis    归根到底,总而言之。

one another       相互,彼此

one way or another      以某种方式

in answer to        作为回答,响应

the Antarctic         南极

like anything      非常,十分讯速地

receive with open arms       热烈而高兴地,欢迎

the Atlantic Ocean    大西洋

pay attention to       注意

get away from         摆脱;逃避

give sb. away         背弃

right away ,straight away      立即,马上




Bachelor of Arts文学学士

Bachelor of Science理学学士

back and forth来回,往复

backwards and forwards来来回回

base sth. on/upon……为基础,以……为根据

be about to do st.正要做某事

be abundant in,be abundant with有丰富的,有大量的

be against反对,违背

be amazed at感到吃惊

be able to能够

be about to be 即将,将要

be absorbed in专心于

be accustomed to习惯于

be acquainted with熟悉

be anything about根本不是

be around来访

be ashamed of羞愧

be buried in全神贯注于

be good for有用的,有力的

be grateful to sb. for sth.为某事而感激某

beat about the bush绕弯子说话

beat (cudgel , rack) ones brain绞尽脑汁

beat time打拍子

beat up sb.痛打某人

be bad for……有害

be badly off生活拮据;群困

be bound to一定

be based on/upon基于

be better off生活良好,生活更佳

be blessed with爱惠,在……方面有福

be childs play容易之极

be content with满足

be capable of能够

be caught in遇到(雨等)

be clever at擅长于

be clever with善于使用

be concerned with关心,挂念,从事于

be combined with结合着

be composed of组成

be content with沉迷于

be crazy about热衷于,迷恋着

be curious about好奇

be destined to注定

be determined to do sth决心做某事

be delivered of(妇女)生下(孩子)

be disappointed with感到失望

be dying for; be dying to渴望,巴不得立即

be endowed with天生具有,以而告终

be engaged in从事于

be eager to do sth渴望做某事

be of no effect无效

be fond of爱好,喜爱

be familiar with熟悉

be known as知名,被认为是

be made up of组成

be in (the) fashion合乎时尚

be in habit of的习惯

be in contact with接触,有联系

be in the same boat命运相同

be in trouble处于困境

be familiar to所熟悉

be familiar with熟悉,通晓,精通

bend ones knee to……跪下,屈服于

be made from……制造

be made up of组成,由构成

be to blame应受责

be obliged to sb感谢(某人)

be on a diet; go on a diet节食

be on the verge of濒于,濒临

be on strike罢工

be out of (the) fashion 过时

be particular about讲究,挑剔

be pleased to do乐意做(某事)

be satisfied with心满意足

be strict with sb对某人严格

be with child怀孕

be up to,合格做,有资格做;该由负责,在于,取决于

be worthy of值得

because of由于,因为

become of发生……情况;……怎么啦

before long不久;一会儿后

Behave yourself!放规矩点!

behind the scenes在幕后

behind the times过时;落在时代后面

behind ones back背着某人(说坏话)

believe in相信

below (under )ones breath 低声地

benefit from获益于

because of因为

before long不久以后

bear in mind牢记

begin with……开始

beneath ones dignity有失某人身份

beside oneself with极度……

between you and me / between ourselves 咱俩私下说

beyond doubt无疑地,准确地

beyond sb.s wildest dreams 出乎意料的,超过某人所望的

bit by bit一点一点地

bits and pieces七零八碎的小东西

black and blue(打得)青一块紫一块

black eye(打得)眼圈发黑

board of directors董事会

boarding pass登机牌

book in, book up订(车票,住处等)


blow away刮走

blow out吹息

blow up爆炸,充气,大怒

box ones ears打某人一记耳光

break ones heart使某人伤心

break away from……脱离

break down(机器等)坏了;(身体)垮了

break forth突然迸发

break in非法进入;插嘴,打岔

break off中断

break out爆发

break the ice打破僵局

break (beat, cut) the record 破纪录

break through突破

break up打碎,拆散;结束,解散;

bring about实现,使发生

bring back带回来,使恢复

bring forth使产生

bring forward提出,提议,提前

bring into effect实现,实行

bring off使实现,做成

bring on促进,助长,引起

bring out出版,推出,使显露

bring through使(病人)脱险,安全度

bring up抚养,养育,提出

bring/carry/put into effect实行,使生效,实现

bring to a crisis使陷入危及

break away突然离开,强行逃脱

break down损坏,崩溃

break up打碎,散会,终止

break through突破

break in非法闯入,打断,插嘴

break into非法闯入

break into tears突然大哭

break off中断,突然停止

break out爆发,突然发现

break through突围,取得突破性成就

bring about导致,实现

bring around使……转而同意(某中看法等)

bring back归还;带回;使回想起;使恢复,使苏醒

bring to an end使结束,使停止

bring to light发现,让人知道

bringto reason使……清醒过来

bear with忍受,容忍

bear in ones mind记住

be/get angry with sb生某人的气

build on/upon建立于,以为思想(行为)的基础

busy with忙于

build up逐步建立,增进,增强

burn the midnight oil开夜车

burn down烧毁

burn off烧掉

burn out(火自行)熄灭;烧光某物

burst into闯进;突然开始

burst out (doing )爆发

but for 要不是

burst on突然出现,到来

burst out突然起来,大声喊叫

be used to习惯于

burn down烧毁

burn up烧毁

by accident偶然,碰巧

by air坐飞机

by all means当然可以

by and by不久,过一会儿

by and large总的来说

by chance偶然,碰巧

by comparison相比较

by contrast with相对比

by day/night在白天/晚上

by far得多,尤其,显然地

by force凭借暴力,强迫地

by means of用,靠

by mistake出于误会

by no means并没有,决不

by oneself单独,独自

by hand用手

by means of通过手段

by mistake错误的

by reason of由于,因为

by the way顺便说说,顺便提起

by way of途径,通过的方法

by turns轮流地

feel bad about……感到难受;抱歉

go bad腐败;变质

go from bad to worse每况愈下

go bankrupt破产

under the banner of……名义(进行某项工作)

on the basis of根据

full of beans精力充沛的

go to bed去睡觉

in bed在床上;(在)睡觉

make the bed铺床

put to bed安顿……睡觉

to begin with第一;原先本来

on behalf of /on sb.s behalf为了(……的利益);代表,替代

fall behind落在后面

leave behind落下;望了带

human being

You bet当然,一定

had better do最好……

on better than……一样;不比……

few and far between稀少

give birth to生(产);引起

every bit完全(一样)

to bits成为碎片

in black and white白纸黑字(写下来)

go blind失明

once in a blue难得一次

out of the blue出乎意料地

on board在火车上,在船上

keep body an soul together维持生命

hit the bottle酗酒

keep to the bottle酗酒

over a bottle (of wine )一面喝酒,一面……

from the bottom of ones heart打心底里;由衷地

have sth. on the brain一心想着某事

earn ones bread赚钱养家糊口

hold ones breath(由于害怕)屏住呼吸

out of breath上气不接下气

waste ones breath白费口舌

in brief简言之

on the brink of濒临,正要……之际

on business因工作,因上午

go bust破产

one by one一个接着一个地

lay (put ) by储蓄



call away叫走

call back在来(访问);给……回电

call by顺道来防

call for邀约;拿取(某物);需要

call in召来;请来

call off取消

call on拜访

call on sb. to do sht.号召;呼吁

call to mind(使)想起

call up……打电话;征召……入伍

cant/couldnt help禁不住

cannot help doing sth. 不禁……

catch ones breath喘息,松一口气

catch up with赶上

come about发生,成为现实

come around/round恢复知觉;(又一度)到来

come from来自,是(某地)人

come across碰到

come into fashion开始风行

come out出版;开花,发芽;结果

come up to及得上,不亚于

come up with想出(计划,答复等),提出

come upon against遭到


contribute to贡献于,有助于

convince sb. of使某确信

count on/count up指望/总计,

cover up掩盖,掩饰


catch fire着火;燃着

catch sight of突然看见,瞥见

catch hold of拥有,抓住,得到

catch sight of)望见

catch up with赶上,追上

call back回电话

call for叫(某人)过来,要求

call in叫进来,召来

call off取消

call on/upon访问,拜访,号召,要求

call at停放,拜访某地

call forth引起

call it a day收工,结束

capitalize on利用

care about看重某事,介意

care for照顾,照料,喜欢

carry off拿走,夺走

carry on继续,进行

carry out执行,实行,完成,实现

carry through坚持下去,完成,使度过困难

carry into effect实现,实行,实施

carry away拿走,使失去自制力

carry weight(说话等)有分量,有影响

catch ones eye引人注目

certain of有把握,确信

change ones mind改变主意

change sth with sb与某人交换某物

change sth for sth用某物换某物

change into转变,更换

charge with指控

check in(在旅馆,机场等)登记,报到

check up(on)检查,核实

check out结账离去,办妥手续离去

check over核对,检查

cheer up(使)高兴起来,振作起来

clean out打扫干净;清除

clear the air消除误会(猜疑)

clear away清除掉,收拾

clear off离开,溜掉

clear out清除,把腾空,赶出

clear up清理,解决,(天)放睛

critical of挑剔

consist of/in构成/在于

cool down/off凉快起来,使平静


compare notes交流经验

come to the point扼要地说

competent in胜任的


come about发生,产生

come across偶然遇见,碰上

come along出现,发生,进展

come apart破碎,崩溃

come around/round苏醒,复原,顺便来访

come at攻击,冲向,达到,了解

come by得到,访问,看望

come down to可归结为

come on(表示鼓励,催促等)快,走吧,开始

come out出版,发表,出现,结果是

come through安然度过,经历……仍然活着

come to苏醒,结果是,涉及

come true实现

come up出现,发生,走上前来

come into effect/operation生效/开始运行

come up with提出,提供,想出


concentrate on/upon集中,专心于

connect up连起来,接上

connect with有联系,和有关

consume away消耗掉,憔悴,枯萎凋谢

confident of/in有信心

content oneself with满足于

consistent with一致的

contrary to与相反

contribute to有助于,促成

convince sb of使某人承认,使某人信服

convenient to便于

convince oneself of充分弄明白

cope with应付,克服

correspond with一致,符合, 与通信

correspond to一致,符合,等于,相当于,与相似

count on/upon指望,依靠

crack down镇压,取缔,扫荡

cross out规划

cut back削减,修剪(树枝)

cut down削减,压缩,砍倒

cut in插进来说,插嘴

cut off切断,隔绝,挡住

cut out删掉,停止

cut short中断,打断

with care留心,注意

put the carry before the horse本末倒置

in any case无论如何

in case万一

in case of万一发生……的时候

objective case宾格

nominative case主格

cassette tape recorder盒式录音机

It rains cats and dogs大雨滂沱

for certain of弄明白,确定

for a change换换环境

in chaos混乱,纷乱

in chorus一齐;齐声

go to the cinema看电影

under the circumstances在那种情况下

under on circumstance无论如何

keep clear of避开

make clear表明;讲清楚

put/turn the clock back把时钟拨回;复旧

work against the clock拼命赶时间

give sb. the cold shoulder冷淡地对待某人

in cold blood残酷无情地

pout/throw cold water on泼冷水;使泄气

in command (of )指挥;控制

in comparison with……相比较

on condition(that)……条件下

in conformity with遵照

for conscience(s) sake为了问心无愧

have a guilty conscience内疚

make contact with sb. (sth.)与某人(事)联系

on the contrary相反

in control指挥,管理,支配某事

out of control失控

under control控制,控制住

round the corner在拐角处不远;就在眼前

to ones cost吃了苦头之后才……

of course当然,自然

in the course of ……过程中,在……

under the cover of……得掩护下





dash off急匆匆地写,飞出,急忙离开

day in, day out日复一日

deal in从事于,经营,做买卖

deal out分配,给予,执行

deal with交往(有生意往来),应付,涉及,研究

deliver oneself to自首

devote to献给,把专用于

devote oneself to致力于,献身于,专心于

deceive sb into doing sth骗某人做某事

deceive oneself骗自己,误解,想错

decide on做出决定

deep down在内心深处,根本上

depart from背离,违反,离开

depend on依靠,依赖

despite all that尽管如此

despite of不管,不顾

devote oneself to献身于,致力于,沉溺于

dry out戒酒,变干,安静

due to因为,由引起

doubtful about/of怀疑

do ones best尽力,努力

do away with废除,去掉


different from不同

die away逐渐减弱,逐渐模糊

die out逐渐消失,灭绝

die of死于

die off相继死去

dig up掘出


do away with废除,消灭

do without没有……也行

do sb a favor帮某人个忙

do good/harm to有利/有害

doze off打盹,走神

dozens of很多

drag in拉(牵涉)进来

drag on拖延,使拖延

draw in收网

draw on运用,利用

draw up起草,制订

dream of梦见,梦想,考虑

dream up凭想象虚构

dress up穿上盛装;装扮,修饰

drop back; drop behind 落后

drop by/in顺便访问一下,偶然到访

drop out退出,退学

drop on sb顺便走访(某人)

drop out退出,(中,小学生)中途退学

drop off睡着;()下车

dwell on详述,长谈,凝视

due to应归功于

bea dab (hand) (at sth.)……能手

out of date过时的,陈就的

up to date现代的,最新的

to date迄今

in all ones born days一生中

of the day当代的,当时的

in depth深入的(地),纵深的(地)

out of ones depth; beyond ones depth深不着地;非所能理解,力所不及

go into detail(s)详细叙述

in detail详细地,逐渐地

leave to ones own device听任自便

go to the devil完蛋;滚开,见鬼

make a difference区别对待;有关系

split the difference折中,妥协

make a difficulty; make difficulties刁难;提出异议

stand on ones dignity保持尊严

treat sb. as dirt; treat sb. like a piece of dirt瞧不起某人,视某人如草芥

to the disadvantage of sb.; to sbs disadvantage对某人不利

with discretion慎重地

dispose of丢掉,处理,解决

keep ones distance保持距离

keep sb. at a distance冷淡某人,与某人保持距离

distinguish oneself表现杰出,使受人注意

have to do with; be to do with有关

go to the dogs潦倒,堕落

love me, love my dog爱物及乌

put on (the) dog摆架子,装腔作势

wake a sleeping dog惹麻烦

work like a dog拼命工作

over and done with完结,了结

What is done cant be undone木已成舟

fromdoor to door从一处直接至另一处,挨门逐户地

out of doors在户外

packed to the doors被挤的水泄不通

on the dot准时地

in doubt不确定的,可怀疑地

no doubt确定地,我确信,我 想;很可能,公认地

like a dream轻而易举地,完美地

run dry流干,被耗尽

give sb. his due公道地对待,给某人应有的评价

(down) in the dump沮丧的,抑郁的

in duplicate一式两份的(地)

in the dust入土的

off duty下了班的

on duty上班的




each other互相

either or既不也不

even if 即使,纵然

ever since 起一直到现在

except for 之外

ease off减轻(痛苦,紧张状态等)

enjoy oneself享乐,过得快乐

establish oneself in  定居于,在落户

establish sb as任命某人担任

expose sth to将某物暴露

equal to等同于

equivalent to相当于

excited about/at为某事而激动

eager for/to do急于做

up to ones ears in深深卷入,深陷于,忙于

earn ones living谋生

in earnest认真地

on earth究竟,到底;在世界上,在人间

in at ease局促不安,不自在

eat ones words承认说错

on the ebb正在衰落

come into effect ;go into effect开始实行,开始生效

have an effect on sth.有影响,有效力

in effect实际上,正在实行,有效

to the effect that大意是,以便

make an effect作出努力

spare no effect不遗余力

either or要么要么,不是就是

in ones element很适应,得其所

out of ones element不适应,不得其所

in embryo萌芽的,未发展的,在筹划中的

lay /put /place emphasis on把重点放在

from end to end最终,结果

in the end最终,结果

on end竖着;连续地

make ends meet使收支相抵,量入为出

put an end to结束,终止,废除

end in……为结束;以……面告终

end up结束,告终

make an enemy树敌

engage in从事于,使忙于

enjoy oneself过的快活,尽情玩

enter for报名参加

even if/though即使,虽然

evening dress夜礼服

evening school夜校

in the event结果,到头来

in the event of倘若,万一

for ever永远

ever since以来

ever so非常

every now and then; every now and again间或,不时的

every other 每隔

for example例如

set a good example树立好榜样

except for只要,要不是

to the exclusion of sb.(st)排除(其他的一切)

in excuse of作为的辩解

make an excuse for找一个借口

exert oneself努力,尽力

come into existence出现,成立,产生

make an experiment; carry out an experiment进行实验(试验)

in someones eyes心目中;在看来

keep an eye on留神,密切注意,照看

see eye to eye( with sb.)(与某人)想法一致

set eyes on看,望着

up to ones eye in忙于




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